Jaipuria Institute of Management 3 years Diploma

Jaipuria Institute of Management

Jaipuria Institute of Management

True education is an act of awakening a latent mind and filling it with new insights into the world. It is the never-ending process of liberating a mind from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge, new perspectives and deeper understanding. Essentially, all good education forms a support system for hidden talents to emerge and for the student to go on and excel in life.

At Jaipuria Institute of Management, understand the power of education. Aimed to provide students with a transformational experience; one that will liberate their minds, encourage them to think out of the box, to learn and imbibe the nuances of management practices, to innovate and to make informed choices.

This spirit is encapsulated in the motto of Jaipuria

Learning with the mind, leading with the heart

Jaipuria Institute do not merely educate but empower we well. That’s exactly why our ethos is built around the student, the individual who yearns for knowledge. The curriculum and pedagogy at Jaipuria makes the student a partner, an active participant in the teaching-learning process.

  • 67 years of educational experience.
  • 4 locations, 6 distinct PGDM programmes, 1 unique delivery.
  • 95+ full time eminent faculty members across four locations.
  • 55+ visiting faculty members from industry and other top institutions.
  • 300+ national and multinational companies to recruit.
  • 100+ CEO and senior managers interact with students and deliver leadership lectures.
  • International linkages for global student and faculty exchange programmes with Universities in USA, Finland, Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan.
  • 400+ research papers published in International and Indian Journals.
  • 5 books published.
  • 150+ MDP’s offered for top and middle level managers.
  • 100+ administrative and support staff.
  • Today, it is alma matter of over 3900+ alumni, who are currently working in different sectors of business and industry across the country.


First Year


Term 2

  • Fundamentals of Managing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Management Accounting
  • Organizational Behaviour

Term 3

Term 4

  • Business Communication
  • Managerial Economics
  • Legal Aspects of Management
  • Computers in Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Operations Management

Second year

Term 5

Term 6

  • Research Methods in Management
  • Business Environment
  • Human Resource Management
  • Investment & Financing Decisions
  • Management Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management

Term 7

Term 8

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Operations Research
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy Implementation & Control
  • Advance Business Communication
  • Supply Chain Management

Third year

Term 9

Term 10

Dissertation – Super Specialisation*


2nd YEAR TERM 5 – TERM 8 17,500 (FOR EACH TERM)
3rd YEAR TERM 9 – TERM 10 35,000 (FOR EACH TERM)


1, Bambala Institutional Area
Pratap Nagar, Sanganer
Jaipur – 302 033
P. +91 141 4771300
F. +91 141 2771334
Email: jaipur@jaipuria.ac.in

Visit for more information on http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-jaipur.html

A guide about MIT School of Business in Pune

MIT School of Business

MIT School of Business

MIT School of Business (MIT-SOB), an institute under the umbrella of MIT Group Of Institutions, Pune , comprising of 40 Institutions and over 35000 students from India and abroad, has been imparting quality and value based education for over 24 years. The MIT Group institutions are spread all across Maharashtra and are engaged in imparting quality education from school level to post graduate level. Since the year 2005, MIT-School of Business (MIT-SOB) has adopted the Case Study based learning method, pioneered by Harvard Business School. This method provides contextual learning besides conceptual learning. This is a practical and interactive methodology that requires high level of participation by faculty and students alike. This method helps bring students face to face with real life situations through a continuous learning and assessment process.

Undoubtedly, business education in a proper provides the best opportunities for a rewarding career. Hence many students opt for business programs. However, prudent and careful choice of a school of business is a prerequisite for success of career decisions. This fact gets specially underlined in view of the mushroom growth of management institutes. At such crossroads, one should opt for a school of business with:

  • Value Based Education
  • Contemporary Syllabus
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Exemplary Placement Support
  • Infrastructure

MIT-SOB is one such institute that fulfills all the above criteria. MIT-SOB has played a significant role in the career development of students. It makes us proud that so many of our alumni have established a niche career for themselves and are holding aloft the MIT-SOB flag so proudly.

As you get to know more about this institution through interactions with counseling staff and your visit to the campus, you will realize that MIT-SOB is the School of Business for your all round education, enrichment and to reach the career goals envisaged by you!

Case Based Learning

PGDM at MIT-SOB is designed to train students to become  excellent general managers and high-level-decision-makers with broad strategic vision. At MIT-SOB we also inculcate a strong sense of philosophical orientation, global perspective  along with stress on comprehensive training. To achieve all this MIT-SOB has  implemented the Case-study method pioneered by Harvard  Business School (HBS), USA to impart practical, case-based  education that makes the difference between good managers and great managers.

This methodology is implemented under  the mentorship of Prof. V. G. Narayanan of HBS who regularly  monitors its implementation through frequent visits and video conferencing. The program is delivered by competent and  experienced faculty with a strong industry interface.

During the entire length of the program, students are required to analyze about 250 business related case studies in their area of choice. These case studies simulate real-life situations found in the industrial/corporate scenario today.

THE PGDM Program Syllabus

MIT-SOB offers the PGDM program approved by AICTE in the following 4 streams

  1. PGDM  – Marketing
  2. PGDM – Finance
  3. PGDM – HR
  4. PGDM – General Management

The intake approved by AICTE for each of these programs is 60. All programs are 2 year, full-time programs and classes are held at the MIT-SOB Campus in Pune, Maharashtra India.

There has been great care taken to ensure that the syllabus, the delivery and the methods are the best-in-class to ensure that our students are more employer-ready possessing the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The course consists of:

  1. Core curriculum
  2. First year – Compulsory foundation course and compulsory subjects in  general management.
  3. Summer internship (Compulsory industry training between first and second year).






Optional Subjects

Subject : Financial Accounting   ( FCO – 1)

OBJECTIVE : The objective of the course is to understand the accounting as a base to understand the intricacies of finance for Advance Management course.


Introduction to Accounting System, Key concepts and terms
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Accounting cycle and users of Accounting information
Types of accounts, Rules of double entry and Accounting Equation
Ledger, Opening & Closing entries
Introduction to Subsidiary books
Rectification of Entries
Preparation of Trial Balance
Final Accounts of Sole Proprietary Concern
Numericals on Final Accounts


  • Financial Accounting for Managers – Dr. S N. Maheshwari
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting – Homgren, Sundem
  • Financial Accounting (A Managerial Perspective) -R Narayanswamy
  • Financial Accounting for Business Managers – Asish Bhattacharya


Subject : Business Economics (FCO – 2)

OBJECTIVE : The objective of the course is to have knowledge of economic fundamentals as a base to understand the business environment.



  • Adam Smith’s Wealth Definition, Alfred Marshall’s Welfare Definition, Lionel Robbins’s Scarcity Definition and Paul Samulson’s Growth Definition.
  • Economics and Related subjects like Science, Art, Mathematics, Statistics, Accountancy and Management.
  • Positive Economics and Normative Economics
  • Basic Economic Problems
  • Nature and Scope of Economics
  • Types of Economic System – Capitalist, Socialist and Mixed.
  • Micro and Macro Economics


  • Utility; Firm; Industry; Production; Consumption; Markets- definition and  types of markets


  • Meaning, Factors affecting Demand and Supply, Law of Demand and Supply, Individual Demand and Supply curves, Market Demand and Supply curves, Exceptions to law of Demand and Supply, Changes in Demand and Supply, Changes in Quantity Demanded and Quantity Supply.
  • Price, Income and Cross elasticity of Demand – Definition and types
  • Elasticity of Supply – Definition and types



  • Four phases of Business cycles and characteristics, Inflation- Meaning, Types, Demand –pull and Cost-push Inflation, Factors affecting inflation.


  • Barter system, Inconvenience of barter system; Definition of money M1, M2, M3 and M4; Commercial Banks, functions and types; Central Bank – Functions


  • Definition and components, Devaluation, Appreciation, Depreciation


  • Canons of Taxation, Types of taxes- Direct and Indirect taxes there advantages and disadvantages.


CURRENT BUSINESS AFFAIRS (Students are expected to read the Business Press for the same)


  • Microeconomics – D M Mithani
  • Microeconomics – M. L. Seth
  • Microeconomics – H. L. Ahuja


Subject: Basics Of Mathematics And Statistics  (FCO – 3)

OBJECTIVE : The objective is to know the mathematics and statistics to develop quantitative analytical skills to solve business problems



  • Sets and their representation
  • Empty set. Finite & Infinite sets. Equal sets. Subsets. Subsets of the set of real numbers especially intervals (with notations). Power set. Universal set.
  • Venn diagrams
  • Venn diagrams


  • Concept, notation, order, equality, types of matrices, zero matrix, transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrices.
  • Addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication of matrices, simple properties of addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication.
  • Non-commutativity of multiplication of matrices and existence of non-zero matrices whose product is the zero matrix (restrict to square matrices of order 2).
  • Concept of elementary row and column operations. Invertible matrices and proof of the uniqueness of inverse, if it exists; (Here all matrices will have real entries).


  • 3´Determinant of a square matrix (up to 3  matrices), properties of determinants, minors, cofactors and applications of determinants in finding the area of a triangle
  • Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix.
  • Consistency, inconsistency and number of solutions of system of linear equations by examples, solving system of linear equations in two or three variables (having unique solution) using inverse of a matrix.


  • Measure of dispersion; mean deviation, variance and standard deviation of ungrouped/grouped data
  • Analysis of frequency distributions with equal means but different variances


  • Random experiments: outcomes, sample spaces (set representation)
  • Events: occurrence of events, ‘not’, ‘and’ & ‘or’ events, exhaustive events, mutually exclusive events.
  • Axiomatic (set theoretic) probability, connections with the theories of earlier classes
  • Probability of an event, probability of ‘not’, ‘and’ & ‘or’ events


  • Mathematics NCERT Books (Class IX  to  XII )


Subject : Business English (FCO – 4)

OBJECTIVE : The objective of this course is to enable the students who are basically aspiring management professionals to develop effective communication skills with special emphasis on communication in an organization.




  • Tense
  • Direct & indirect speech
  • Active voice and passive voice
  • Parts of speech
  • Use of verbs, nouns and prepositions
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Interrogative words
  • Conversation and dialogues


  • Comprehension
  • Precise writing
  • Essay writing
  • Job applications and resume writing
  • Business letters
  • Reports, proposals and notes
  • Interviews, Group Discussions

Reference Book:

  • 12th English book
  • Graduation English books
  • Any Basic English Grammar books

Specialization Courses

In the Second year – A basket of about 80 subjects is offered of which a total of 10 subjects are to be selected by students to qualify for PGDM completion.

Below are the choice of subjects offered in Second Year in each of the 4 PGDM programs.
Each of these courses are taught by expert faculty of the institute and leading professionals from corporate houses to give a real-time and a more practical approach to learning.


Retail Management | Rural Marketing | Industrial Marketing | Internet Marketing | Product and Brand Management | Services Marketing | Sales and Distribution Management | Strategic Marketing | Relationship Management | Travel and Tourism Management | Export and Import Management | International Marketing | Marketing of Financial Services | Public Relations and Event Management | Introduction to Mass Communication | Market Research | Promotion Management | Advertising Management | Media Management | Media Research | Print and Electronic Journalism | Channel Management and Programming | Country Risk Analysis and Regional Business Overview



Financial Markets | Introduction to Life Insurance | Indirect Taxes | Derivative Markets | Direct Taxes | Security Analysis and Portfolio Management | Strategic Cost Management | Strategic Financial Management | Treasury Management | Advanced Corporate Accounting | Financial Services | Banking | Multinational Finance | Advanced Financial Management | Introduction to General Insurance | Risk Management | Legal Aspects of Finance | Mergers and Acquisitions


Organizational Development | Labor Laws (part I) | Industrial Relations and Trade Unions | Human Resource Information System | Wage administration & Labor Costing | International HR | Labor Laws (part II) | Strategic Human Resource Management | Understanding the Theory and Design of Organizations | Performance Management


Comprises of subjects from all functional areas

Additional Subjects:

Supply Chain Management | Internet Technology | Production Planning and Control | Material Requirement Planning | Manufacturing Strategy | World Class Manufacturing | .net Technologies | Information Systems Audit | Software Testing | Productivity Softwares | Software Engineering Management | IT Service Management | Network Engineering |

E-business Systems | Information System Project Management | Information Systems Security | Data Management Techniques | IT Outsourcing and Vendor Management | Business Intelligent Systems | Oracle Project Management | Entrepreneurship Management | Management Control System | Enterprise Resource Planning | Quantitative Techniques | Quality Management

The above may not be an exhaustive list. Subjects may be added or deleted as found necessary.

The subjects and contents are upgraded regularly by experts from industry and academia.

Selection Process

Extempore Talk (on a given topic) with Essay Writing and followed by Personal Interview. Selection would be based on following parameters.

  • Score obtained by candidate at CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/CMAT/CET exams.
  • Performance at Extempore Talk (Including written essay)
  • Performance at Personal Interview
  • Past Academic Record (10th & 12th level)
  • Work Experience (if any) after graduation of at least 1 year or more

         *Aptitude test will not be conducted separately by the institute

Documents to be carried at selection process

  • Copies of 10th, 12th and Graduation mark sheets (upto previous year if you are a final year student).
  • Copies of scorecard of either of CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/CMAT/CET exams.
  • 2 latest photographs
  • Any valid original Photo-ID (eg:- Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, College I-Card)


Rs 2.75 lacs per annum. Payable in installments. Includes Study material, Laptop and Uniform.

1 Request Received before date of start of session. Entire fee less Rs.1000/- Handling Charge.
2 Request received after commencement the course & Seat could be filled by the Institute. Entire fee less deductions on pro-rata basis Tuition Fees & Costs.
Request received after commencement the course & seat could not be filled. No refund.

In all cases not covered under the above rules, refund will not be granted.


S.No. 123, B-Wing, Saraswati Vishwa Building,
MIT Campus, Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune. 411038



9:30 am to 5:30 pm (Mon to Fri)

9:30 am to 4:00 pm (Sat)

Lunch Time:- 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm

Tel:(For administrative queries only)

020 – 30273601 / 02 / 03

E-mail :  




Admission Cell Contacts:

9922487671 (Ms. Namrata)


8605003969 (Mr. Gautam)


Fax No:


Find more information - http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-pune.html

MMIM Mullana Ambala – Maharishi Markandeshwar University

Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana – Ambala, erstwhile known as Maharishi Markandeshwar Education Trust was founded with the objective of social, educational and economic upliftment of society in the year 1993, in the name of Lord Shiva’s devotee, “Maharishi Markandeshwar Ji”. MM University Trust, Mullana – Ambala has become a symbol of quality education in technical, professional and medical streams in northern India and has been carrying on its lineage for over 20 years.



In exercise of powers conferred under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, the Central Government, on the advice of the University Grants Commission, has declared Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana – Ambala comprising ten of its teaching institutions, as “Deemed University” vide Notification No. F.9-65/2006-U.3 (A) dated 12-6-2007. The constituent institutions of the University are :

  • MM Engineering College
  • MM Institute of Computer Technology & Business Management (MCA)
  • MM College of Dental Sciences & Research
  • MM Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • MM Institute of Computer Technology & Business Management (Hotel Management)
  • MM Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
  • MM Institute of Management
  • MM College of Nursing
  • MM College of Pharmacy
  • MM Institute of Nursing

These institutes are also approved by the regulatory bodies like Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India, Indian Nursing Council, Indian Association of Physiotherapists, All India Council for Technical Education etc.

MMU Solan

The lush green Maharishi Markandeshwar University spread over an area of 47 acres with exotic surroundings of green hills is ideally located on Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway at Sultanpur Road, Solan (H.P.) in the lap of the ‘devbhoomi’ of great Himalayan. Established as a Multi faculty University in the name of the Maharishi Markandeshwar Ji, a great disciple of Lord Shiva, the foundation stone of the University was laid by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal Ji on 22 February 2009. With his blessings, the University has been operational with the admissions to the Medical Sciences, School of Engineering & Technology, School of Computer Technology and School of Business Management. More Institutes of Dental Sciences, Nursing, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Fashion Design, etc. will come up in the coming sessions.

MMU Ambala

As a part of its expansion Programme, the MM University Trust (erstwhile reputed MM Education Trust, Ambala), has developed another over 40 Acres new vibrant Campus at Sadopur on Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway in the suburbs of Ambala towards Chandigarh for bringing new life to the educational system and providing professional education to the people of the surrounding region. Beginning with the courses in the area of Engineering & Technology, Business Management and Computer Technology with effect from the session 2010-11, the Educational Inst/Academy in the years to come will have programmes in Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Nursing, Fashion Technology, etc. with special emphasis on research in emerging areas. The afresh campus at Ambala (Sadopur) boasts of research oriented facutly from Ivy leauge colleges of country.Well euipped labs & workshops. Library stocked with latest books, national & international journals.E-resources with paradigm infrastructure an eventual centre of excellence of Professional education.

MM Karnal

Taking another step forward towards expansion programme to serve the Society, the MM University Trust has also developed another 12-Acre Campus of MM Group of Institutions at Ramba on Karnal-Yamuna Nagar National Highway in Karnal for imparting instruction in Professional courses of Engineering & Technology, Business Management, Computer Technology, etc. which is operational with effect from the session 2010-11 with the approval of the All India Council of Technical Education.

Highly qualified dedicated faculty, world class infrastructure, fully equipped Laboratories with latest state-of-the-art equipments and organized Library with recent knowledge recourses including e-resources are special attractions for the admission seekers at the new Campus.

The key differentiator of the Maharishi Markandeshwar University is to focus on high quality research with emphasis on overall development of students, maintaining a balance between academic excellence and moral perfection. Our training for different professions is tuned to making our products responsive to the emerging needs of the nation.

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Engineering – B.Tech

·        Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

·        Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

·        Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

·        Diploma in Civil Engineering

.     Diploma in Information Technology

Name ·Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering·Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

·Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

·Diploma in Civil Engineering

.Diploma in Information Technology

Duration 6 years integrated
Eligibility The candidates should have passed 10th (Matric) Examination with at least five subjects including Science, Mathematics and English as Compulsory subjects from a recognized Board/University.
Admission Criteria Admission against 75% open seats and 25% management seats (including 15% seats if any,for children/wards of NRI’s) will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Diploma in Engineering – B.Tech (Lateral Entry to IInd Year)

Name Diploma in Engineering – B.Tech (Lateral Entry to IInd Year)
Duration 5 years integrated
Eligibility The candidates who has passed 10+2 Examination with Science or Two Year Diploma in ITI after Matric in the relevant Branch.
Admission Criteria Admission against 75% open seats and 25% management seats (including 15% seats if any, for children/wards of NRI’s) will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Diploma in Business Management

Name Diploma In Business Management.
Duration 3 years
Eligibility The candidate should have passed Secondary School Certificate Examination (10th) or an equivalent examination with English as one of the subject from any recognized Board/University.
Admission Criteria Admission will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Diploma in Dental Hygienist

Diploma in Dental Mechanics

Name ·        Diploma in Dental Hygienist·        Diploma in Dental Mechanics
Duration 2 years
Eligibility The candidates should have passed 10+2 examination with Science subjects viz Physics, Chemistry & Biology from any recognized Board/ University.
The candidates should be 17 years of age at the time of admission or within three months of it and should be medically fit.
Admission Criteria The admission will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Diploma in Food Production

Name Diploma in Food Production
Duration (1.5 year) including 6 months industrial training
Eligibility The candidate should have passed Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) with atleast five subjects including English as a compulsory subject from any recognized Board/University.
Admission Criteria Admission will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

Name Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
Duration of Course 3- Years
Eligibility Criteria “ Pass in 10th examination from Board of School Education Haryana or Equivalent examination from a recognized Board/University with atleast 35% marks
Admission Criteria Admission will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination
Date of 2nd Counselling 12-July-2014 at 9:00 AM

Post Basic Diploma in Nursing

Name of Programmes ·        Post Basic Diploma in Nursing>·        Critical care Nursing

·        Operation Room Nursing

·        Ortho & Rehabilitation Nursing

·        Emergency & Disaster Nursing

·        Nurse Practitioner in Midwifery

Duration of Course 1- Years
Eligibility Criteria ·        The candidate should have passed Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery from an Institute recognized by the Indian Nursing Council.·        The candidate should be registered Nurse and registered Midwifery (or alternative registration in-lieu of midwifery for male nurses) with any State Nursing Council.

·        Possess a minimum of one year experience as a Staff Nurse.

·        Nurses from other countries must obtain an equivalence Certificate from INC before admission.

·        Be physically fit.

Admission Criteria Admission against 85% open seats and 15% NRI seats will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying examination.
Date of Counseling 05-07-2014, 9.00 AM

 More information on http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-haryana.html

GNIM West Punjabi Bagh – Admission and Placement Process

Guru Nanak Institute of Management, established in 1996, is one of the oldest institute run under the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee. The institute boasts of excellent infrastructure, highly trained and experienced faculty, well equipped labs and well stocked library.

Guru Nanak Institute of Management

Guru Nanak Institute of Management

The Institute is located in the heart of the city and is well connected by metro and well-built roads. The entire building is centrally air-conditioned and has 25 High-Tech Class rooms. We provide residential six weeks Internship by BRASI, Toronto, Canada and Collaboration with NSE for NCCMP. The campus of GNIM boasts of computer lab which has 262 core2duo computers with TFT screens in four high tech Labs with state of art technology, with internet access. The library is stocked with over 13,864 books and 43 journals (27 National and 16 International Journals), catering to both Management and IT students.

The FDPs, Seminars and Guest Lectures by International and National Faculty are conducted on an on-going basis. Two separate common rooms are provided exclusively for boys and girls. Recreation room has Table Tennis, Carom & Chessboards to name just a few. Sports complex has amenities like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton court. Medical Facilities are also available in the institute.

Why Study at GNIM

They have the following reasons why study there: Unique Mentorship Programme , Judiciously Selected Pedagogy , Judiciously Selected Pedagogy, Sensitivity to Business Requirements , Institute Industry Interface , Strategic Location , Research Focus , Institute’s Ranking

GNIM Placement Process

The placement at GNIM is coordinated by students managed committee under the guidance of Placement Officer. The main recruitment processes are: The Campus Recruitment and Early Placement Talks

GNIM- Post Graduation Program Admission

GNIM welcomes students who want to pursue post graduation in Management and MCA in Retail.

GNIM Contact US:

Road No : 75, West Punjabi Bagh
New Delhi – 110026

Contact Support :
Call : (011)- 40766800 (011)- 40766801
(011)- 40766807
Fax : (011)- 40766888
Email Id : admission.gnim@gmail.com,

 More information on http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-delhi.html


IBS Ahmedabad – The best MBA Business Business School

Since its inception in 1995, IBS has been one of the best B-Schools in the country, providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. At IBS, you will get innovative and globally accepted programs and great opportunities for all-round development. 100% case-based learning is unique to IBS. IBS transforms its students into leaders of the future.

Two year MBA/PGPM Program

IBS Business School

IBS Business School

The two year MBA or PGPM Program of IBS is designed to give graduates exposure to management skills needed for the creation of specialists who can integrate across functional areas in a dynamic organization.

The Program provides a broad perspective of all areas of management. The courses offered in the program are practice oriented with emphasis placed on application of principles, tools and concepts to meet challenges and problems faced in today’s organizations. These courses are carefully designed to impart to students a managerial perspective in formulating and implementing corporate strategy. Students learn to take decisions critically and analytically taking into account the business considerations and ethical implications of these decisions and to deepen the understanding of the key functional areas and strategic dimensions of management, and to encourage future professionals to equip themselves with the latest tools and techniques.

IBS Summer Internship Program

In addition to the core and specialized courses offered in the program, IBS offers Summer Internship Program (SIP) which forms an important component of education at IBS. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and academic institutions. At the end of Semester II, students undergo SIP which is for duration of 14 weeks. SIP is a vehicle for introducing students to real-life situation, which cannot be simulated in the classroom and requires the students to undergo the rigor of professional environment both in form and substance. It exposes them to technical skills and helps them to acquire social skills by drawing them onto contact with real professionals.

IBS Soft Skills

IBS supplements the MBA/PGPM Program with soft skills which provide a unique opportunity for the student to develop, upgrade their personality, communication and presentation skills.

The learning outcomes of this program are:

English Language Skills, which include spoken and written skills

Good presentation skills

To be able to develop adequate self-confidence in inter-personal skills, team building and leadership

To be able to take effective part in various selection procedures adopted by the corporate recruiters

To develop self-confidence and self-esteem in themselves so that they are equipped and ready to operate
effectively in the dynamic business environment

Case Methodology

Case teaching methodology occupies a prominent role at IBS teaching. The Case Method assists students in identifying typical problems in specific functional areas of management. It is expected that students will study cases, comprehend the business situation, analyze the problems and come up with alternatives/solutions and then discuss the case in class. A good case is a very powerful instrument in evaluating a student as it puts the student into the shoes of the real-world managers who must face the challenge of decision-making.

IBS Admission Process

The admission modalities for admission to MBA/PGPM and PhD programs are given below

IBSAT 2014

IBSAT is an online aptitude test conducted by The ICFAI Foundation For Higher Education (a deemed to be University under Section 3 of UGC act 1956), for students seeking admission to the MBA / PhD programs of IBS Hyderabad.

IBSAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) and consists of multiple choice questions. IBSAT is of 2 hours duration and is aimed at testing the applicant’s ability in quantitative techniques, data interpretation, data adequacy, vocabulary, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension.


GMAT scores (from 2011 onwards) and CAT 2014 scores are also accepted in place of IBSAT 2014. Candidates with GMAT® or CAT scores are exempted from IBSAT 2014.

Life at IBS Ahmedabad


IBS Ahmedabad Contact Us:

Science City Road
Off Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway

Ph: +91-79- 65430148, 65430149
Email: ibsahm@ibsindia.org

Visit on more information http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-ahmedabad.html

ITS Institute of Management Greater Noida – Vision Mission Quality

ITS Institute of Management

ITS Institute of Management

ITS Institute of Management aims to provide excellence in management education at par with ‘A Category‘ Business Schools and intend to become first choice for admission for management aspirants. Being one of the top ten Management Institutes in Delhi and NCR, the Institute also enjoys the advantage of being strategically located in Knowledge Park-III in Greater Noida.

I.T.S – IM provides not only state of the art infrastructure, it also provides the best facilities, comparable with any leading B-School in NCR. I.T.S – IM use most effective and efficient delivery of the intended knowledge and learning to the students. I.T.S – IM is known for imparting management  education as a centre for growth of industrial units in a very congenial and enabling environment and strive to develop effective professionals with an exceptional career potential. It transforms individuals to be creative and innovative by offering special programs on personality, talent and skill development.

The faculty members in every discipline are provided with motivating and enabling environment for their creative best to grow in areas of teaching, research, policy formulation, consultancy, corporate training etc. The Institute developed itself to provide cost effective solutions to the problems faced by the corporate and social sectors. I.T.S Group, being one of the largest educational groups in India, is determined to contribute independent and original thinking on the issues pertaining to human capital development for the industrial and economic growth in India.

ITS Institute of Management Vision :

To be the Management Institute of choice.


ITS Institute of Management Mission :

To make incessant endeavour to create learning processes in response to changing managerial paradigms.


ITS Institute of Management Quality Policy :

I.T.S Group of Institution is focused to become fountain head among Academic Institutions in India.

The Group is committed to impart Professional Education of Excellent Quality for All round Development of the students seeking career in various fields. Each Faculty and staff member shall be well trained and motivated so that he/she understand the desired functions and shall be empowered to carry them out effectively.

Involvement of students, industry and society at large is encouraged for continual improvement in every sphere of group activities.

ITS Institute of Management Greater Noida, National Seminar


ITS Institute of Management Contact Us:-

I.T.S-Institute of Management

46, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida-201308
Phone : 0120-2331000, 2331073, 2331070
Fax : 0120-2323703,
Mobile : +917838555881,+917838555882,+918800211300,+918800211400,+918800211500,

Email : imadmissions@its.edu.in, itsim@its.edu.in, itsim.gnoida@gmail.com

ISME Bangalore MBA – Admissions, Fees, Placement, Ranking



ISME is one of the top business schools in India located at Bangalore. ISME was established with the vision of serving the society’s educational needs and raising the bar of management education in India. ISME inculcates the art of excellence in its students through rigorous course work and a uniquely designed industry oriented curriculum. As a result, the graduated students of ISME are employed in top multi- nationals in India and abroad. ISME has been consistently ranked among the top B schools in India.

ISME’s commitment to quality and excellence is infallible and has been the cornerstone for its astounding success. ISME prides itself in the success of its Alumni who are working in top global organizations across India and abroad. ISME’s illustrious faculty has been trained from the top schools in the world like CMU, Purdue, Wharton USA, Texas A&M, College Station, University of Philadelphia; IIM’s; IIT’s and other top management schools. ISME

PG Program from ISME

ISME’s “Post Graduate Diploma in Management” (PGDM) – is a two year full time program is AICTE approved which has Major Specialization options of Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources. Additional to this, the program includes, value-added courses like Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Current Business Update, “Six Sigma Green Belt Course Work Certification” and certificate for Business Strategy Game by Prof. Arthur A. Thompson Jr., University of Alabama, USA.

ISME Rankings

  • ISME ranked 30th in “Beyond IIM’s” school survey by Higher Education Review magazine, April 2014.
  • Top 100 All India B-School, The Week, Nov.2013
  • Ranked as A+ Best B-School survey 2012 by Business India, 25th November 2012.
  • Ranked 13th in All India Ranking of B-Schools 2013 by Silicon India.
  • Ranked as 18th Top B-School in India and 4th in South Region with Highest Average Salaries for 2012 Batch by Digital Mailers B-School Salary Survey.
  • 29th Top B-School of Excellence by Competition Success Review, November 2013.
  • Ranked as 32nd Top B-School of Excellence in Competition Success Review, November 2012.
  • Ranked as 91st Most Preferred B- School by Pagalguy.com B-School Rankings 2012.
  • Ranked as 31st Top B-School in India by CSR-GHRDC B-School survey 2011.
  • Ranked as 7th Top B-School of Karnataka by CSR-GHRDC B-School survey 2011.
  • Ranked 13th Top B-School in Placements by CSR-GHRDC B-School survey 2011.
  • Ranked is hgh a steroid as 7th Top B-School in South India in the ‘What if not IIM B- School Survey 2010’ by SiliconIndia – India’s Largest Professional Networking Portal.
  • Ranked as 4th Top B-School in Academic Excellence in the ‘What if not IIM B- School Survey 2010’ by SiliconIndia – India’s Largest Professional Networking Portal.

ISME Placement

ISME has a successful track record in terms of placements, year after year. This has been achieved by the rigorous emphasis on all round development of students on one side and the active interface with the industry on the other. Most of the companies have been visiting ISME for repeat hiring as our alumni have been performing extremely well in the given opportunities.

The ISME career opportunity center organizes workshops on resume development, skill building in facing interviews, job search, networking and presentation. It also organizes periodic industry visits, guest lecturers from leading corporate professionals, assessment workshops and internships with companies during mid-term break. Mentoring and counselling of students is carried out in an effective manner throughout the year so as to improve their employability in the industries.

Over 150 companies have visited ISME for campus recruitment over the last 2 years. Some of the companies are:

  • 99acres.com
  • A C Nielsen
  • AZ Research Partners
  • Allegis Group
  • Accenture
  • Aditi Technologies
  • Aryaka
  • Amazon
  • Amba Research
  • American Express
  • ANZ Bank
  • British Biologicals
  • Birla Tyres
  • Bajaj Capital
  • Beroe
  • Blue Ocean
  • Capillary
  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Capital Via
  • Conflanzys
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Decathlon
  • 6d Technologies
  • EDS Technologies
  • Ernst & Young
  • eMart Solutions
  • Flipkart.com
  • Genpact
  • Groupon
  • HDFC Bank
  • Hinduja Global Solutions
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Ionidea
  • ICICI Prudential
  • Indiabulls
  • Just Dial
  • Jaro education
  • Landmark Group
  • L&T Infotech
  • Mahindra Holidays
  • Millward Brown
  • Maple Code
  • Matrix
  • Mindlance
  • Naukri.com
  • Neev Technologies
  • Northern Trust
  • OCWEN Financial
  • Omega Healthcare
  • Probe Equity
  • Proptiger
  • Starragheckert
  • Simplilearn
  • Symphony Teleca
  • State Street Global Advisors
  • TCS
  • Teli Brahma
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Unilever
  • Vmoksha
  • Wipro
  • WNS Global Services
  • Yahoo India
  • Yodlee Infotech


Post Graduate Dipoma in Management – Full Time

Fees: Rs. 4,15,000 + Rs. 85,000 (Hostel & Mess, Year 1) + Rs. 85,000 (Hostel & Mess, Year 2)

  • At the time of admission: Rs. 45,000
  • Before 1st Term: Rs. 1,80,000
  • Before 3rd Term: Rs. 1,80,000
  • Before 4th Term: Rs. 1,80,000

London School of Economics & Political Science Summer School

Fees: £1,435 (subject to change)

Travel, Accommodation & other expenses are extra


Students joining ISME will have an option to apply the Education Loans. Students of the current class have obtained educational loans from SBI, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank and others. Most Nationalized banks are providing educational loans depending upon the eligibility of the student and their parents.They may also apply to any other bank for loans. Institutional approval for Educational Loans from Punjab National Bank,Union Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Bank of India,Canara Bankand other leading nationalised banks.

International School of Management Excellence

Contact Us


International School of Management Excellence
Whitefield Campus:CAP 1, EOIZ, Export Promotion Industrial Park,
Near ITPL Whitefield
Bangalore – 560066
Karnataka, India

Admissions Direct Number: 088806 12345 / 080-65343539
Fax: 080-28416767

Sarjapura Campus (Only for PGDM):Sy. No. 88, Chembanahalli,
Near Dommasandra Circle, Sarjapur Road,
Bangalore 562125
Karnataka, India

Web: isme.in

Direct Number: 088806 12345
E-mail:  info@isme.in



 More information on http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-karnataka.html


Admission, Scholorship and Eligibility criteria at Taxila Business School

Taxila Business School
Taxila Business School

Taxila PGDM Course

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is an AICTE approved course and helps preparing professionals and further develop the wisdom required for careers in business and management. PGDM gets you into the corporate suite and is the way you need. It is not only meant to business but is also helpful for those making a career in the Govt. sector, private industry, consultancy and other areas.

Taxila PGDM Admission

Admissions have been started for 2015/ batch of PGDM

Taxila Scholorship Eligibility Criteria:

The scholarships eligibility criteria for the students in year 2014 –  between 1st to 20th June 2014.
•    Students of Indian origin, living and studying in India.
•    Students below 30 years of age as on 31st Jan 2014
•    Graduates of a recognized Indian university with a consistently good academic
record (Students in the final year of the degree course, or those awaiting results are also eligible)
•    Demonstrable financial need
•    Excellent Academic Record
•    Should have written CAT, CMAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA or GMAT and selected by Taxila Business School
for its  PGDM  program.


PGDM vis a vis MBA course:

Generally University based curriculums for MBA are out of fashion and not updated very frequently. While PGDM courses keep updating almost every six months. I appreciate few colleges like SPJain and, Taxila Business School and few more for changing in curriculum almost every term to cater to the futuristic requirements.

To experience the Taxila PGDM is to go inside the issues that matter—and to reach inside yourself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will develop to face them. In every case, class, event, and activity, you are asked not only to study leadership, but to demonstrate it. Each day at Taxila begins with one question: “What will you do?” Because that’s the truest way to prepare you for the larger question that matters most, here and in your career beyond our campus: “What difference will you make in the world?” This is how the Taxila PGDM makes a difference…..

Taxila starts the course right after your personal interview end, with a foundation course. This speaks volume about the depth of the planning that Taxila does to nurture the talents that it gets. Backed by professionals with decades of experience in the corporate world and in the education field, Taxila Business School provides the best mix of practice and theory to ensure your success. The school works 9.0 am to 9.0 pm seven days a week and the intensity of the course is to be felt to be believed. Taxila Business School (ISO 9001:2000 certified), is known for its reputation in innovative business education. The School combines the highest standards of academic rigor with a practical understanding of business and wealth creation. When you see the unique niche the school has carved for itself, you cannot overlook the possibility of joining Taxila.

Taxila Top Business School Video on placements – latest update

Chetan Bhagat on Taxila Business School Recently

Taxila Business School, TV commercial


Visit Taxila Business School website for details.


Contact US

Sector 9, Mandir Marg, Patel Marg, Mansarovar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 302020.
Landline 0141-6500000, Cell:+91- 09314487772
Email: info@taxila.in


Prof. Kishore Sharma,0091-9314487772
Email: info@taxila.in

Admission Office




Ms. Ritu Singh,


Email: ritu@taxila.in


More information on http://www.mbacolleges.info/india/mba-colleges-in-jaipur.html


Upto you:

Normally we spend more time researching on the features of the laptop or a smartphone we buy than on the college we wish to make career with. Selecting an Business School may be the most important decision in the life of an management aspirant. You must not be swayed by the opinions and myths. A couple of hours spent researching the school is a good investment. If possible, visit the school and have a discussion with the faculty members and students. And keep in mind.

Finally PGDM programs from AICTE recognised institutes are better than MBA.